About LedLord

Certified Food Contact Packaging Facility | Hong Kong. China. London. 



established in 2005, is now specialized in producing packaging and presentation for cakes, cupcakes, breads, muffins, and pastries by converting paper into Cake Board, Cake Drum, Cake Stand, Cake Box, Cupcake Stand, Cupcake Case, Cupcake Box, Bread Stand, Celebration Stand, Muffin Cup etc..

Quality, food safe, fun and easy self-assembling packaging and presentation for every baker's need and celebrating occasion.   


*company establishment in Hong Kong, production plant on mainland China, distribution office in London, U.K.

*factory is a Certified Food Contact Packaging Manufacturing Facility audited by an international auditing firm.

*materials used are certified safe for direct food contact under both U.S. FDA and German LFGB tests.

*factory audit certificate and material test reports are available for your documentation and assurance. 


you will enjoy our products while baking and celebrating yours!